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Our on-line course and teaching evaluation system is available for students to provide anonymous feedback to faculty and course directors at anytime.

This system connects faculty with students to evaluate, promote and improve the educational programs offered by our school.  The overarching goal of this evaluation system is to create a method that will encourage students to engage with faculty in positive interactions to improve teaching and learning during the course, rather than waiting until the course is completed to provide feedback.   The online evaluation questionnaires, specific for didactic, preclinical and clinical courses, are available 24/7 on our intranet.   During the semester, completed evaluations are emailed directly to the faculty member. (Course Evaluation Feedback-Interim) Beginning two weeks prior to the end of a didactic course, final course evaluations become available.  Completed final evaluations are emailed to faculty and copied to the Chair of the Department.(Course Evaluation Feedback-Final)

The responses entered into this new program will remain anonymous (student identities will be confidential) and confidentiality is protected for all students unless inappropriate language or content is used in the comments section.

To access the survey, please sign on to http://www.templecqe.org/ using your nine-digit TUID number.


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